What makes us unique?

When you browse through websites while looking for the right Craftsman you come along many different and beautiful pieces of furniture. Which firm is right for me will be the question on your mind.

Let me give you a few points which make us stand out from Furniture Outlets and other Furniture Makers.

  1. How much will it cost? We have found out that our prices are very competitive. For example if you would purchase a small Kitchen from any Kitchen Supplier like Howdens, Wren or Magnet the prices will start at roughly £4000. A small bespoke Kitchen from us starts at £4500.
  2. What materials do we use? All our Hardwoods and Panel Products are prime quality, FSC and PEFC certified. The Hardware we use has quality, function and design at the core of every product, we can assure you that all products are built to last.
  3. Why should I choose Bespoke? The first reason is that everything is made uniquely for your space. The second reason is that it will last compared to “of the shelf products”. Our Furniture Doors are at least 25mm thick compared to 18mm which you would find from most Furniture Makers. Our Drawers are rated to take at least 40kg of weight and softclosed as standard which will make our Drawers extremely durable. These are only two examples of the quality you will discovers when choosing us. This kind of quality is reflected in every detail throughout a bespoke Kitchen or piece of Furniture.
  4. Choose Confidence !!! We have a very extensive Planning process which allows you to see exactly what the finished product will look like. As pointed out earlier we do not cut costs on quality or functionality. We plan, manufacture and finish every piece of Furniture in our own Workshop which gives us the benefit of great Quality Management.