Bespoke Wardrobes showcased

Are you looking for bespoke Wardrobes? Made to fit you in Style and Size?

This what we do best.

We design, manufacture and install bespoke Wardrobes or full Bedrooms. No standard stock sizes, instead of everything is made exactly to your requirements.

We take pride in only working with good quality Materials and Hardware which is clearly visible in our Furniture.

With every quotation, we will create a Visual Render to show you what the proposed Wardrobe will look like. This will give you confidence in your decision.

We offer a fully bespoke service, allowing you to receive a product that is perfect for you. We will visit you at home to get an understanding of your taste. After measuring your bedroom and discussing exactly what you want we will advise you what the most suitable material choice will be for you.

As bespoke furniture Makers, we build every design to order. No two wardrobes are ever the same. Take a look at some of our previous bespoke wardrobes and fitted bedrooms in our Portfolio…

Compare fitted Wardrobes with freestanding Wardrobes

A bespoke wardrobe is probably the most important piece of your Bedroom. For this reason, you should consider well which kind of Wardrobe you should invest in. There are many types of wardrobes for you to choose.

Fitted bespoke Wardrobes

The key advantage of fitted wardrobes is that they can work with any kind of space. Whether you have uneven walls or sloping floors, the wardrobe will fit properly. The internal configuration can accommodate your specific storage needs. The problem with these wardrobes is that they can be more expensive than a freestanding Wardrobe due to the increased labour costs of manufacturing and fitting. Also, a high level of precision is required to integrate sloping ceilings into the Wardrobe.

Freestanding bespoke Wardrobes

One major advantage of freestanding Wardrobes is that you will be able to take it with you when moving property. These Wardrobes are more affordable, freestanding pieces do not require scribing to walls. This will save on fitting costs. The disadvantage of freestanding wardrobes is that they can be a waste of space in smaller Bedrooms. Since they are not fitted, we don’t recommend these in rooms where children or incapacitated people have access.

You will be surprised to find out that our prices are in many cases lower than large companies which you will see in TV Adverts. The simple reason for this is that we do not have the same overheads. No Sales or Marketing Teams, instead we operate on a personal one to one basis.

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