1. Design Concept

The Design Concept is established during our initial meeting. Alternately we can also receive your specifications by email. This is possible if you already know what you are looking for. If you seek guidance or require our Design Service, an in person meeting is the appropriate choice. The establishment of a Design Concept is the basis of any well designed project. During this meeting we get an understanding of what you require and get an idea of your personal taste. In addition to understanding your taste we will create a strategy to blend the proposed piece of Furniture to existing Pieces in your home or commercial space. Following the information you have provided we can move forward to the next step.

2. Creating of Visuals

We will create 3D Sketches and photorealistic Renders which reflect the Design Concept. These Visuals are based on what we established during our initial meeting. Together with the Visuals you will receive an Estimate of Costs. The accurate final price will be given once the design has been agreed.
The purpose of these Visuals is to ensure that your expectations are being met. It is a fantastic way to communicate all the small design details which are difficult to put in words.
You will be able see exactly what it is going to look like. This process will give you the confidence when making Design choices. There is nothing worse then when you have placed an order for a kitchen and it has been fitted, then you realise that it isn’t what you were envisaging.

3. Final Drawings

Now that the Design is finalized it’s time to prepare the Workshop Drawings. The Workshop Drawings are accurately scaled Drawings with all Dimensions and Specifications. One of the reasons why we prepare and supply these drawings to you is simple. We want to be confident that you know exactly what the finished piece of Furniture will look like and what size it is.
When you have received these Workshop Drawings and agreed that they meet all your requirements we will start the manufacture of your Furniture…


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